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The story

Doda as brand and concept reached the surface as a result of one girl searching for meaning.
2,5 years ago I was still trapped in an urban environment and feeling lost. I decided back then that I needed to make a radical change and follow my love for nature and simple life. I moved to the countryside and started producing natural cosmetics.

It is a self-taught process guided by values as honesty, integrity, fairness, creativity and truly believing that with respect for others and for nature we can create a new world.

Doda is defined by simple, honest products designed for those who seek the imperfection of nature and not the perfection of machinery.

Skincare based only on natural ingredients, plants and flowers handpicked from Banat

Doda’s products are good for you but also for the environment

Doda’s products are only using nature-derived ingredients that help your skin stay healthy without any added toxic ingredients such as chemical coloring or fragrances.
Doda’s soaps are palm oil free.
Doda’s entire product line is using only sustainable and recyclable packaging.

All products are only friends tested.

The entire cosmetic line is made with care and respect for nature

Doda is a small batch beauty brand that cares.

Every single product is manufactured by one person.

The batches are small, hand cut, and hand labeled.

Every batch is unique.

Every single product supports a network of local entrepreneurs

Every product contains at least one ingredient that is produced by other local entrepreneurs. We want to make sure that we create sustainable alliances to grow our small-scale producers’ network.

This also means being close to other community initiatives and collaborating with ethical entrepreneurs in the region. Doda supplies or supports local shops, WeWilder by WWF, sustainable shop by Faber community, all parties are working together for a nature friendly society and economy.

Proudly made in Banat

Doda aka Oana Frențiu

Carașova, 244, 325067

+40 747 048 184

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